Barrow's Hole In One Golf

In the early 1990s, William Barrow, director of Cleveland State University's Cleveland Memory Project, discovered something interesting about his great uncle Thomas Cooper Barrow. Not only had Tom owned a driving range during the Great Depression, but it was located along Euclid Avenue's once-ritzy Millionaire's Row, then in decline. Little is known of Thomas Cooper Barrow's "Hole in One Golf," except that it was situated on what was once the sprawling and elegant estate of oil tycoon Samuel Andrews. As the Andrews Estate and other mansions along Euclid Avenue were shuttered or demolished, the former "Showplace of America" made way for many new - and often fleeting - businesses. Barrow's golf range illustrates just one of many such businesses to spring up along the Avenue during its post-mansion period.



Millionaire's Row Driving Range
William Barrow, Director of CSU's Cleveland Memory Project describes the significance of his great uncle's Euclid Avenue Driving Range
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Businessman, Thomas Cooper Barrow
William Barrow of CSU's Cleveland Memory Project recalls his great uncle who owned a driving range on Euclid Avenue in the 1930's
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