Shaw High School

Shaw High School in East Cleveland opened in 1838 thanks to a donation made by Sarah Shaw after the death of her husband John. Since they had no children, she decided to give back to her rural community by donating some of the family's farmland for use as a school yard. Since then, Shaw High School has taken a number of physical forms, but it continues to be located on the Shaw's old farmland along upper Euclid Avenue.

Shaw Stadium - a half-mile northwest of Shaw High - was built in 1923 and served as the home of the National Football League's Cleveland Rams (the city's first professional football team) in 1938. Spectators at football games there today are sure not to miss a performance from Shaw High School's world renowned marching band. In 2008, the band made headlines after traveling to China to perform at ceremonies for the Beijing Summer Olympics.



Shaw's 19th Century Roots
Sandra Brown, a Principal at Shaw High School, describes the founding of Shaw in 1838
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One Of The Largest Stadiums
Sandra Brown of Shaw High School provides a history of Shaw Stadium
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The "Old" Shaw
Sandra Brown describes the old Shaw High School building
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The Shaw Band Goes To China
Sandra Brown discusses the Shaw High School Marching Band trip to China for a pre-Olympics celebration
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