Parker-Hannifin Hall

Parker-Hannifin Hall was once a mansion owned by George Howe, Cleveland businessman and Cleveland Police Commissioner. Parker Hannifin Hall is one of the last surviving Millionaires' Row mansions. It is a small reminder of a bygone time when ornate palaces stood on both sides of Euclid Avenue as far as the eye could see.

A few years after George Howe died in 1901, the Gage Gallery of Fine Arts made the house a beehive of activity in the fine arts world. George Gage served as the buying agent for many wealthy Clevelanders who later donated art works to the Cleveland Museum of Art. After Gage died, the Vixseboxse Art Gallery spent nearly half a century on the site before moving to Cleveland Heights.

The mansion was purchased by Cleveland State University in 1983 and restored with funds donated to the University by private individuals and area corporations. In 2005, the mansion was renamed Parker-Hannifin Hall in recognition of a large donation made to the University by the Parker-Hannifin Corporation. The building now serves as the home of the University's College of Graduate Studies and the Office of Research.



2258 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115