Gruber's Restauraunt

Operated by brothers Maxwell and Roman Gruber between 1947 and 1959, Gruber's Restaurant was one of the most popular establishment for fine dining in Northeast Ohio and acted as a social center for the affluent residential community of Shaker Heights. The jacket-and-tie establishment encapsulated the conservatism and refinement of 1950s' high society, and was renowned as a gathering place for the region's social elite.

Located in what would become the Southwest quadrant of the upscale Van Aken Shopping Center, staples of the elegant and pricey restaurant included birthday cakes adorned with sparklers, and meats served on flaming swords. The swanky establishment attracted a mix of Shaker and Cleveland residents, including businessmen, celebrities, athletes, lawyers, and writers.

At the time of the Gruber brothers' retirement from their stint as restaurateurs in 1959, the reservation list included over 25,000 names and the establishment was bringing in over one million dollars in business annually. Following the sale of the restaurant to the Fred Harvey Company, the social hot-spot quickly declined in popularity. Gruber's closed its doors in 1964.