Pierre's Ice Cream

Founded by Alexander "Pierre" Basset, Pierre's Ice Cream first opened in 1932 on East 82nd Street and Euclid Avenue. At first, Pierre's sold just three flavors of ice cream - French Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, and Strawberry. The growing company moved to East 60th Street and Hough Avenue in 1960 and shared its ice cream manufacturing facility with the Royal Ice Cream Company, owned by Sol Roth.

Shortly after the move, Royal Ice Cream bought Pierre's Ice Cream, keeping the Pierre's name and its original recipes. In 1967, Pierre's/Royal acquired Harwill's Ice Cream Company on East 65th Street between Euclid and Carnegie Avenues, where Pierre's remains today, making ice cream and other frozen treats in a state of the art facility that opened in 1995.



Building A New HQ
Paul Volpe of City Architecture describes his design for Pierre's Ice Cream headquarters
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Making Ice Cream
Laura Hindulak of Pierre's describes the ice cream packaging process
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A History Of Pierre's
Laura Hindulak gives historical background to Pierre's Ice Cream
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A Commitment To Cleveland
Laura Hindulak describes the decision by Pierre's Ice Cream to stay in Cleveland
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6200 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103