Suffrage Contest, 1913

Suffrage Contest, 1913
To discover woman capable of arguing in favor of equal suffrage at a series of mass meetings planned for each Cleveland ward, the Woman's Suffrage party held a write-in contest. After one month, no responses were received and the contest was cancelled.

In its place, public speaking classes were organized at the Woman's Suffrage party headquarters in Cleveland. Harriet Keeler, president of the local party, offered the following reasoning for holding the course: "Age-long repression and submission have produced a toxin which has paralyzed the motor centers in women, rendering them wobbly when put to the test." Her advice, "lose yourself when appearing before an audience, lose your hat, your handkerchief, your dangling chain, your gloves and everything but your temper."
| Source: "Suffragettes Put Many Queries." The Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 4, 1913.

"Declares Apathy of Women Balks Suffrage Plans." The Cleveland Leader, October 30, 1913.
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