Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery opened in 1869. Representative of the garden cemetery movement, Lake View Cemetery is part of a trend which came to the US from Europe during the nineteenth century. Proponents of the garden (or rural) cemetery sought to move burial grounds out of increasingly overcrowded urban areas and into sprawling, park-like settings that featured both formal gardens and natural landscapes. The cemeteries - as was fully intended -attracted weekend picnickers and families seeking outdoor recreation in addition to mourners.

Situated on more than 200 hilly acres on Cleveland's eastern border, Lake View Cemetery is the resting place of many of Cleveland's most famous residents. The graves of John D. Rockefeller, Charles Brush, the Van Sweringen brothers, and Carl Stokes - to name but a few - can be found among the beautifully manicured grounds of Lake View. The cemetery is also home to the James A. Garfield Monument, a 180-foot-tall tomb and memorial for the slain president, which opened in 1890. For a time after the opening of the monument, special admission tickets had to be issued to control the crowds of visitors who wished to visit Lake View.

The Lake View Cemetery Dam, which opened in 1978, is the largest dam in Cuyahoga County and is capable of holding up to 80 million gallons of storm water.



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