University Hospitals

University Hospitals of Cleveland is a world-class, not-for-profit medical institution with close ties to Case Western Reserve University. Its roots go back to 1866, with the formation of the Cleveland City Hospital Association, a charitable society designed to provide medical care to Cleveland's poor. The association's hospital quickly outgrew its original facilities and in 1876 moved into the Marine Hospital at East 9th Street and Lakeside Avenue. Eventually it became known as Lakeside Hospital and, in 1895, was affiliated with Western Reserve University's Medical Department.

In 1925, Lakeside Hospital formally merged with Maternity Hospital and Babies & Children's Hospital - two other Cleveland medical institutions that formed around the turn of the century with the aid of charitable contributions. This merger created University Hospitals of Cleveland and led to the development of new medical programs, services, and facilities throughout the greater Cleveland area. Much of the new construction occurred in University Circle, where University Hospital's main campus remains today.



Becoming A Better Neighbor
Doctor Ed Jackson of University Hospitals describes the institution's relationship with the surrounding community
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Recruiting Minority Physicians
Dr. Ed Jackson speaks about attempts to attract minority health professionals to University Hospital
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UH's Founding Mission
Dr. Ed Jackson describes University Hospital's founding mission
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