Church of the Covenant

The Church of the Covenant was built in 1909 in the English Gothic style with an imposing 140-foot tower. Originally known as Euclid Avenue Presbyterian Church, it became the Church of the Covenant in 1920 following the mergers of three congregations. Under the pastorate of Rev. Harry Bertrand Taylor from 1949 to 1966, the Church of the Covenant played a leading role in the civil rights era by pioneering racially integrated services. It became home to a widely dispersed congregation as a result of changing neighborhood demographics in the second half of 20th century.



Integrating The Church
Dargan Burns recounts his role in the integration of the Church of the Covenant in 1954
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Rev. Harry B. Taylor And Integration
Dargan Burns discusses the role played by Reverend Harry B. Taylor in deciding to desegregate the Church of the Covenant in the 1950s
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Recess at the Church of the Covenant
Robert Brooks recounts having recess on the Church of the Covenant’s lawn. ~ Source: Judson Oral History Project ~ Creator: Robert Brooks
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