West Side Millionaires' Row

West Side Millionaires'  Row
In the mid-nineteenth century, Franklin Avenue was to the west side what Euclid Avenue was to the east--the place where the elites on each side of the Cuyahoga River resided. When Stephen Buhrer moved to 327 Franklin Avenue (4606 Franklin Boulevard today) in 1869, his neighbors included wealthy banker Hannes Tiedemann and the widow of Wisconsin governor William Barstow. On this 1881 map, the Buhrer house is identified within the circle on the left. In the circle directly to the right is Hannes Tiedemann's house, known today as Franklin Castle. Circled below Tiedemann's house is the house that was rented in 1868 by Maria Barstow. Her son Frank later married Stephen Buhrer's daughter Lois, obtained a job with John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company, and by the early twentieth century was a very rich man. | Source: Cleveland Public Library, Digital Map Collection
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