Central Police Station on Champlain Avenue - 1902

Central Police Station on Champlain  Avenue - 1902
When Harvard Dean Roscoe Pound and Professor (and future Supreme Court Justice) Felix Frankfurter delivered their devastating indictment of the condition of Cleveland's courts in 1921, they particularly focused on corruption in the Municipal Court's criminal branch which operated out of this building on Champlain Avenue, between West 3rd and West 6th Streets. Responding to Pound and Frankfurter, the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce in 1923, recognizing that the Central Police Station on Champlain would soon be razed to make room for the Van Sweringens' Terminal Tower complex, recommended that a shared facility be built in Cleveland for the criminal proceedings of both troubled Cleveland Municipal Court as well as the more respected Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. | Source: Cleveland Public Library, Digital Gallery
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