Open Listings After the Bombing

After his new realty office was bombed, Haggins received an outpouring of support from the community, including many listings from whites who wanted to sell on the open market to show their support for fair housing.

"I got some tremendous support from everybody, and I got a lot of listing of people and that's... In other words, I wouldn't have gotten these listings. I got them because they would have gone to people in the neighborhood. And it was right after the bombing. So I just went to work and start servicing the people. And they told me the reason. They went and said, Look, well, I'm fair-minded. And I think what happened to you should not have happened. And we want to go ahead and see if we can... In their own way, they were saying they could rectify it by, if they have a property they want to sell. So, I was the broker." | Source: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection
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